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  • Worldwide Scuba Discounts - The DiveInfo discount card can be used by our members at any of our participating vendors. See discount card participants page and either hover over their location icon on the map for their discount details or click on their link on the participant list above the map. You can also click on this link to see all discount card participants - discount card participants page.

  • EASY TO USE - Simply present the card or show the vendor your membership online and receive the discount offered as stated in the participating vendor's page.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT - This is available to all our members (sign up here for a free membership).

  • FREE TO ALL - All vendors can participate for free and will receive their own promotion page on our site. You will be listed by location and can revoke your discount offer at anytime.

  • FREE ADVERTISING - We will promote you heavily all for free to our quickly expanding members and to the worldwide scuba diving community at large. Members also receive the DiveInfo discount card for free.

  • Sign Up To Offer a Discount - Two ways to offer a discount: (1) Simply email us at or (2) click here (Offer a Discount Info Form). If emailing, please provide us with your company name (or your name if you are using your personal name (for example, you are a sole proprietor dive instructor), address you want displayed, phone number you want displayed, email address you want displayed, website address you want displayed, description of discount offered (i.e. 5% off all in store stock, code: 5offall), store hours you want displayed (or if dive instructor for example, your available hours), other relevant info you would like displayed. 

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