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Oct 30, 2017

I will always have this


I'm a US Army veteran, I received my certification right after i graduated the ASPIRE Center in San Diego California. I came in December 15 2016 straight from the VA psych-ward. I had been homeless, suicidal and had no care for life. After 7 months of therapy I graduated July 13 2017. The center was a great facility but the truth is, if we don't strengthen our minds and practice coping skills we can fall deeper than before. I have multiple diagnosis' and multiple suicide attempts. Diving is one of the best practices that Ive had the pleasure to learn. I acquired my PADI Certification thanks to Kym Larson.


The best part is the Ocean Dives that are organized, first of all you're surrounded by brothers and sisters, this helps with the initial sense of security for your confidence. Secondly once you achieve buoyancy and you hover listening to the bubbles around you it makes for the perfect meditation. This practice also requires a lot of mindfulness and in return you get a calming sensation that is very different from usual therapy I am extremely grateful for my instructors and for being offered the opportunity.

This has become something for my wellness and it benefits me in more ways than I can think of.

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  • Woody Alpern
    Nov 14, 2017

    More and more benefits discovered daily as it relates to scuba diving. This will surely put a smile on your face. Enjoy! https://www.today.com/video/veterans-suffering-from-ptsd-find-ease-swimming-among-whale-sharks-1094199363723
  • veterandiving
    Nov 10, 2017

    Hello fellow divers I am a PADi Instructor who has the privledge of working to train injured Veterans to learn to Scuba dive in San Diego CA. I am so honored to work with Patriots for Disabled Divers and the Ocean Enterprises Foundation to help you all to accomplish your new mission to find peace beneath the surface. Scuba diving has pulled me through some very trying times in my life and I am aware of what beneits it offers to those willing to step outside of your comfort zone an djoin me for a little Submersion Diversion! Shane Yost ,featured in the attached article is one of many Aspire program divers who took his Scuba experience to a whole new level! Check out his story here ! if you are ready to take the plunge reach out to us for direction. SEA you all in the near future and remember Salt Water heals everything! Shane you are amazing! Kym PADI MSDT Veteran Liasion https://www.facebook.com/shane.hugs/posts/752585264942273
  • rocio_ruiz
    Oct 31, 2017

    I am a female Army veteran. I live in Escondido Ca with my husband and my 4 kids. I served in Iraq 2006. This journey of diving has been more amazing that I could ever imagine! In July 2017, I was introduced to diving by Kym Larsen. I have dove in La Jolla and Catalina Island. I am diagnose with TBI, PTSD and other injuries. Some of my symptoms are memory loss, chronic pain and depression. For me, diving takes me away from my symptoms and my life opens up to this new world under the sea where all I feel is peace. All the sounds just stop. Peaceful silence... like a real mermaid, “part of that world” with fishes that come closer to take a curious look at me and I hear nothing else and thus nothing comes in the way of me enjoying the beautiful sea life on every dive. Thanks to donors and supporters I had the privilege diving with my brothers and sisters and that is healing to me. I strongly recommend suba diving to my fellow disabled veterans. I am currently looking forward in owning my own scuba gear and exploring other oceans.