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Yoga & Diving, Very Similiar Benefits

Wow, check out these very interesting articles about the similiarties between Yoga and Scuba diving. Yoga and diving both provide very similiar benefits. Those that have taken my peak performance buoyancy class often hear me say ”it’s just like an underwater yoga class”.

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Woody Alpern
Woody Alpern
Nov 08, 2017

My friend Natasha Mellman, an incredible yoga instructor, just posted this comment on my Facebook post as it relates to the commonalities between yoga and scuba Diving. All I could say to her was YES YES & YES!!!

“Woody... straight up!! My dive experience was an expression of my yoga practice. The breathing, the presence... the finding the seeet spot of boyancy and then when all aligns ... and you forget the technic

... there's the connection ... with life at it's most graceful and fluid and so alive with color and beauty with the rhythmic sound of your own breath as the soundtrack ... Santosha ...contentment ... Amanda..bliss! 🙏🏻“💚


Nov 06, 2017

As a yoga instructor , occasional diver and yes , a physician - I fully agree.

This is the reason there are so many diving / yoga retreats.

Each activity improves the other .

Yoga teaches how to breathe and be calm - and those points will be very helpful before and during the dive .

And diving makes one aware of the way one breathes , and this helps and improves the yoga practice .

Pantajali summarized yoga as “ Cessation of the Fluctuation of the Mind “. Becoming calm .

Sounds familiar , divers ?

Alon V . Atlanta

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